Under The Red Island Bakery


Under The Red Island Bakery was recorded from start to finish in a day in the basement of Fabian’s apartment in Berlin. All tracks are single takes, no loops or re-recordings were used anywhere in the process and all instruments were played live in the room by Fabian except for the trumpet which was played by Jake Painter from Captain SKA. One month after his first child was born, Fabian and his new family moved from London to Berlin. It was in this new city that they found themselves living in what used to be a bakery in a small area of Berlin called ‘Rote Insel‘ (Red Island). “Berlin is a fascinating city, the way the architecture is built you can find these quiet little pockets. We’re living in the middle of a major city and it’s completely silent.” Releasing for the first time on his own label StringBox Records, This album finds Fabian juggling between guitars in the middle of songs and sometimes playing multiple instruments at the same time. “I wanted to transport the listener into the room. I wanted all these instruments and frequencies to be bouncing around in one place together and to capture all that in a recording. It wasn’t necessarily about playing multiple instruments at the same time but more about being able to fluidly move between one instrument to the other without there being any gaps. To do that I needed to come up with a few techniques and tricks.”

An enduring treat that will be played to death, this one will stick to your stereo and make itself hard to forget”
On his new album "Under the Red Island Bakery" Fabian Holland juggles between the guitars in the middle of the songs and sometimes plays several instruments at the same time. The album is a fascinating insight into the world of thoughts and feelings of this talented musician, who leaves all clichés and genres behind.”


In just one day of studio recordings - a rather surprising fact, given the meticulous attention to every detail, the painstaking attention to every single element of the orchestration, the substantial perfection of each performance.”

— Il Giornale della Musica

In between this finger fire is a bundle of dark impassioned Blues, solemn Alt-Pop and percussive harmonics that all seem to carry with them a deeper undercurrent of emoitions that Holland emotes quite gracefully”