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I've been playing Lowden guitars for well over ten years now. Started by George Lowden in the 70's, he now has a small team of luthiers based in Northern Ireland making these beutiful hand made guitars. For me what I love about Lowdens is that they are so responsive and dynamic, even when played very quietly they still sing. 

My main Lowden is a 1994 O10 with Cedar top and mahogany back and sides. The classic combination of Mahogany and Cedar combined with a large body results in a very rounded and ballanced sound with crystal highs and a strong low end. 

My Lowdens are only getting better with age and the more I play them the better they sound.   

1994 Lowden O10 Cedar, Mahogany

Lowden S5, Japanese (Yairi) Made, Cedar, Mahogany


in the early eighties, George Lowden partnered with the S Yairi workshop in Nagoya, Japan to build his original guitar designs under license. This is one such guitar, dating to around 1984-5.

Unfortunately it's in need of repair and the entire back needs replacing but it still plays okay and one day I'll get it properly fixed. It still has that lovely Lowden sound though.