Based out of Berlin in Germany, Fabian Holland is an English Guitarist, singer and songwriter who has three solo albums, one duo album and hundrends of gigs under his belt. He has played to audiences in living rooms, festival tents and sold-out concert halls all around Europe. Holland’s style is unfussy and all the stronger and more captivating for it. Lyrically evocative , sometimes moody and melancholic, Holland’s unadorned music has a flip side of songs of upbeat, wry humour but always acutely observed - songs of people and places, strangers and kin, human frailties and foibles– sensitive sonic snapshots producing perfect visual imagery, by turns unsettling and reassuring. 

About as laid-back as you can get without losing consciousness but still carries vocal barb which makes you sit up and take notice like a noise in the night when you are alone in the house.”


Unquestionably one of the finest guitarists on the current folk circuit”


The future pulse of folk music”


Fabian’s liquid licks show his mastery of the guitar, with some playing that will likely leave you slack jawed, including the odd nod towards some illustrious inspirations.”


If there were a for-fans-of section, Fabian Holland may well find himself labelled alongside John Martyn for some of his relaxed delivery while the guitar style conjures up the picking of Carthy and Jansch.”


Singer-songwriter-guitarist with tremendous command of fingers and fretboard and a natural vocal technique informed by long-time exposure to and consideration of the blues masters. Striped-bare, uncontrived and compellingly subtle, with intense conciseness of expression, this wonderkind from knowhere’s debut audibly justifies the hype.”