Fabian Holland


His eponymously titled, debut album – ‘Fabian Holland’ – is a produced by Mark Hutchinson (who also produced  
recent albums for the likes of Blair Dunlop, Walsh and Pound, Spires and Boden and the Albion Christmas Band).  
“Mark and I both agreed from the start that simplicity would be the key to this album,” says Fabian “with guitar and  
vocals being the main focus. We decided on a concise album and pick the tracks carefully. Most of my songs are stories  
influenced by people I’ve met along the years and I’ve travelled about a bit so I’ve met all sorts of interesting people. 
There are two traditional tracks of the album, ‘Banks Of The Dee’ and ‘Dr Price’. These are not widely known trad  
songs; I like that because if offers people something they may not have heard before. Through the whole album the  
guitar and vocals were recorded at the same time and I think this produces a very real and immediate sound, rather  
than something contrived through studio trickery.”

Some first albums fall into the ‘not bad, likely to improve’ category, others sparkle from the first track, and with some you have to check that it’s a first – because it is that assured. The self-titled debut album from Fabian Holland is one of those”


When I saw Fabian play live, I was convinced that he was a major new talent. A view that is entirely enforced by this superb debut album. Highly recommended.”


Singer-songwriter-guitarist with tremendous command of fingers and fretboard and a natural vocal technique informed by long-time exposure to and consideration of the blues masters. Striped-bare, uncontrived and compellingly subtle, with intense conciseness of expression, this wonderkind from knowhere’s debut audibly justifies the hype.”