I'm now offering guitar lessons via Skype! Starting today you can book from anywhere in the world to have a one on one lesson with me. You can find out about any of my songs or techniques, discover what alternate tunings I use and how I go about using them. Get some tips on songwriting and composing, find out about what gear I use and everything in between. For any enquires or questions please send an email to


Here's two new live videos of me performing "Nobody's Fault But Mine" off the album A Day Like Tomorrow and my version of the very famous classic tune "Summertime". These were recorded live at Before The Gold Rush in the Haberdashery cafe in North London.


Earlier this year I started working on a duo project with the fantastic fiddle player Henry Webster which I’m very excited about. It’s been so lovely writing music as a duo and having someone else to bounce ideas off and push you out of your comfort zone, It’s one of the many joys of composing with someone.

We’re hoping to get on the road soon with our new material, I can’t wait to show you all what we've been working on.

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